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Re: My game and Origin account

by iker_allen409

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My game and Origin account

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Hi everybody,


I have a doubt about the vinculation between my game and my Origin account. I'm lvl 55 and I'm playing anonymously, but I need to save my game because I will change my phone next week. 


My question is the following: if I activate my Origin account in the game, will I lose my game and will have to begin the game again, or will my city be saved in the account?


Thank you very much (I apologise for my English)

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Re: My game and Origin account

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Às long as you haven't assigned a Simpsons game to your Origin account previously, you should be able to save your level 55 game without issue.

As an added precaution, it may be worth making a note of your Mayhem ID before saving your game to Origin. Details on how to do so can be found here:

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Re: My game and Origin account

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Thank you so much. As you told me, I have written down my Mayhem ID. Then, I close the game, and after that, I open it again and I introduce my EA account. However, I have lost my city, but if I close my EA account and enter anonymously again, i have it there. 


The question is: what do I have to do with my Mayhem ID to recover my previous game in my EA account now?


Many thanks.

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Re: My game and Origin account

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Did you follow the steps outlined in the following article:


Are you getting any error messages or anything?


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Re: My game and Origin account

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Yes. This is what appears when I enter my EA account:
"Warning! Your other device did not sabe your Springfield. Please, connect in that device before you play".

What can I do?
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Re: My game and Origin account

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Re: My game and Origin account

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I'm afraid it doesn't work either... Frown


I can't believe it's so difficult...

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