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Item/building limits

by kerryanne9446

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Item/building limits

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Hey EA


How about increasing 

building/item limits in TSTO for those of us who are a little more creative in our town building. 


I have all these buildings I can’t use and so much available space that I can’t use because of the cap.

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Re: Item/building limits

Generally speaking, the game would become too big for most devices if the limits were to increase (they do increase regularly as devices becomes roomier and more advanced and the game discontinues on older systems and devices that can not handle it).

The policy from EA have not been to push the extreme, forcing out players who can not afford the best and the latest, but to appeal to the majority, meaning the limitations will stay as long as the majority of devices can not support expansions.



Developers of this game does not frequent this Help Forum, so they're not likely to see your suggestion here.

Try the official forum instead, as the developers do go there to find suggestions and input.

This Forum is provided by EA but is designed as Player helping/advising other Players. In this case there is little other players can do for you.

Contact EA support and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.

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Re: Item/building limits

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It's the reason there are so many events. Each event is based on an episode so there really is endless content to acquire. they also released the book of back items for 30 donuts each. The main reason is because the cartoon Springfield only has 1 of everything available. Many of the buildings are connected to characters and you cant have multiple copies of the characters either . The few buildings you can have multiples of, with the exception of the quicky mart, are repeated on the show as background filler.  

Hopefully you will find something to fill your the 100s of hotels from the Springfield heights glitch lol


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