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I can't find my city (TSTO)

by LCH005

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I can't find my city (TSTO)

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Sorry for my bad English...

I went on TSTO to play and suddenly a message appears saying that my device did not save my game. I then log into my EA account but the problem persists and the message that I have not saved my game does not stop appearing despite being logged into my EA account. What should I do ?


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Re: I can't find my city (TSTO)

First time you get that message – it is scary.
Just hit Play Now and Continue.
Any loss of progress, if any, is just from your last session so you might have to reset tasks and start a build over. Nothing further back and in my experience, this only happens if the game was autoshutdown or if you were Barted.
This happens everytime I switch accounts.


If this is not your issue, please contact support

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Contact EA support and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.

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