How to reset your Origin/EA Account password

by SurlyCodger

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How to reset your Origin/EA Account password

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Step 1

Open the Origin application on your PC and when the login page loads, click on the blue “can’t access your account?” hyperlink

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Alternatively go to and click the “Login” button there to have the login page open up in a new window. In the new window, click on the blue “Forgot your password?” hyperlink

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Step 2

Clicking the “can’t access your account?” / “Forgot your password?” hyperlinks will open a new window in your web browser asking you to enter in the first box either the email address associated with your Origin/EA account or the ID (name) you use. As an example, my ID is SurlyCodger. Enter either piece of information in the first box and then in the second box match the text that is written in the Captcha box.

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Step 3

If both pieces of information have been entered correctly, you’ll have a new screen pop up informing you of the success and telling you to check the email address associated with your Origin/EA account

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Step 4

Access your email account and you should find the email from EA in it within a few minutes at most normally. Check your spam box if it’s not in your inbox. Open the email once you have received it

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Step 5

Within the email there should be a hyperlink to click on that will take you to a new page to reset your password. Click on the link

 Forgotten password 5.png

Step 6

In the new page you will be asked to enter your new password and then enter it a second time to confirm the password. Do this then click on the purple “submit” button

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Step 7

Once this has been done, a new window will open letting you know you have successfully changed your password. You can now use this new password to access EA services as normal

Forgotten password 7.png

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