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How can I transfer my iOS Springfield to my android game - Where is the Origin login?

by osamabillcosby

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Adding friends (Android)

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I have been playing for about a week. When I started it never asked me about my Origin log in. Is this why it will not give me the option to add friends? How can I fix this? I am bored with the same 4 or 5 missions over and over. I would like to add friends to make this game more fun.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Android.

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Unable to log into my game that I had running on my Iphone, can only start a new game, any hints of how to login to my previous game, no log in screen available. All updates downloaded and all other apps closed.

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origin for android

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Will you be releasing origin on android? If so when do you expect it to be available?

Many thanks
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Android. No login on game

★★★★ Newbie

Loaded Simpsons Tapped out to my Samsung, no login prompt to continue my old game, any ideas?

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Changed phone from iphone to an android

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If have recently changed my phone from an iphone to a samsung galaxy and am unable to get my old game i had on iphone
To my new phone, there is no origin login on the galaxy note,is there any way of getting my old game back??
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After waiting a year for the android release im still saddened by the lack of my origin conectivity. i was wondering if you have any update on when it will be released as im missing out on the valentines story :D

Thank you,


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simpsons tapped out

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★ Newbie

I have just installed tapped out on a new device, is there a way to get origin from the beginning of the game?



Mod team: Message moved to The Simpsons Tapped Out forums. 

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Simpsons: Tapped out problem

★★★ Newbie

Hello everybody,


I installed the game in my android tablet and, when I started it, the game was already in level 14 .... I cleared the app data and, while doing this, I found that, supposedly, it has 117 mb of storage in my SD Card (I am saying supposedly because I don't even have an sd card, usb or other external memory in my tablet.... weird right :O ???) 


Anyway, is there a way to reset the app? I really want to play the game :P




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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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When will android users be able to connect with their friends on other android devices through Origin? Also will android users be able to connect with apple users? I have a lot of apple friends who play and I want to see their towns.
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Start a new Game Android

[ Edited ]
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I want to start the over again so uninstalled it cleared data and cache still had save so was wondering if there was a way to start again without resetting my phone I'm in the UK
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