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Re: Friend Bug

by wadebear

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Friend Bug

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Can someone help me?
In the new Origin client I'm having trouble with friend requests. I have a friend of mine that I wanted to add, so I went to his profile and clicked to send a friend request. When he opened Origin, he had no notification of this and so, he tried to add me, and then I got no notification. So basically Origin has assumed we both sent requests from our side, but the friend doesn't have any meanings of accepting. Origin only says "Friend Request Sent".

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Friend Bug

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Are you talking about the Origin Client for Mac and PC? If so, then you should post in the Origin Forum.  They know a lot more about it there than we do here.  This forum is just for the Simpsons Tapped Out.


My best guess: Delete your invitations on both sides and try again.

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