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Freezing at Springfield Downs

by lexualhealer

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Freezing at Springfield Downs

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So, as of like an hour ago, my game will completely load me into Springfield, but upon entering it auto-zooms over to Springfield Downs, and this bubble/circle is over it (like a spotlight) and a yellow arrow pointing down on the building. The arrow looks like an action item, so when I tap it, it says I can't place another bet on the dog races for 6 hours and then won't budge.
No matter what I click, it won't go off this menu. I can't even use donuts to just speed it up and get it off my screen. I have tried clicking on other menu items instead of the yellow arrow on Springfield Downs but nothing happens. I've also tried logging out of Origin, restarting my iPhone, changing my password, etc.

No idea what to do, or why this is happening. Any suggestions?



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Re: Freezing at Springfield Downs

Hero (Retired)

The only thing to do it wait out the 6 hours. 

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Re: Freezing at Springfield Downs

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This has been happening since 2013 according to the forums, I have just experienced this today and that 3 years???? When is this going to be fixed as I have just purchased 3 days of the multiplyer for 10 donuts and its being wasted and I cant collect bears so time is running out on that too..... its unacceptable!! EA GAMES????? I need help, frustrated!!

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Re: Freezing at Springfield Downs

Community Manager (retired)

Hi @debbiehale51,


It's happening because you don't enough money to place a bet. For more information, please refer to the following thread: The Springfield Downs Zoom.....

Don't forget to review the Index of FAQ, common issues and useful threads when in doubt.


Let us know if you have more questions.



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Re: Freezing at Springfield Downs

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Hi Zoe, thanks for your response,  Do you work for EA??


I cant collect money as it zooms in, it wont let me and its giving away dummies/ pacifiers on the daily bonus so cant get any money either.... I have wasted 10 donuts on the 3 day multiplyer as I have not been able to use this and I've not been able to collect bears for 3 days now so I will miss out on the winter bonus also, I have donuts but it wont let me use donuts to place the bet... what more can I do?? I have spent money building this game up and feel very frustrated at this silly glitch that has been apparent for 3 years, it should've been fixed by now surely!

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