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Crash, crash, crash!!!

by jobroni

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Crash, crash, crash!!!

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My simpsons tapped out game crashes every single time I play. When I tap on certain characters, it crashes. If I move the screen too fast, it crashes. If I have too much going on on-screen, it crashes. This is not an exaggeration. I am playing on an iphone4 running ios6. I have closed the app through the "double click" method, I have deleted and reinstalled the app, I have ran speedtests and deleted a bunch of stuff on my ohone to clear space, all the other recommended fixes and nothing has worked. It feels like its happening even more often now. I have been playing this game from day one and have spent over 50 dollars on extras, my game should work. I am not asking for a refund, but for a fix, WITHOUT having to reset my springfield, so I can continue to play this awesome game but without it crashing every 5 minutes. My Springfield is awesome and I don't want to lose it. PLEASE help! I have contacted Ea previously, have a case number, but have received the exact same response from ea two times, word for word. The fixes provided DO NOT work! Is this happening to anyone else? The game literally crashes on me any time I touch the screen to do anything but collect from buildings. Someone please help!!!!
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Re: Crash, crash, crash!!!

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I reinstall mine, it lets me in the game for about 5 seconds before giving me the "cannot connect to server" over and over and over (you get my drift) I've already restarted my game once I'm not doing it again.
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