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Re: Cant complete back to the future part 1

by wadebear

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Cant complete back to the future part 1

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I have been doing the Simpsons tapped out game where I'm doing the back to the future part one band in it I have to tap homer ten times to get a jebadiha statue but it won't let me collect I tap homer twenty times and still nothing. I have updated my game and even reinstalled it and it won't work.. What do I do?

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Re: Cant complete back to the future part 1

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A. If you DON'T have the statue:  Send Homer on his 45 second 'Play with his myPad' task and tap him while he's on the task.  Alternately, you can have him do the 6 hour 'Lounge in the Pool' as you tap him, then if you want to release him from the task to do something else you can open the edit menu, hide characters, then store the pool and he'll be free again.


B.  If you DO have the Jebadiah statue you'll need to talk to Customer Support. When setting up the case select "Technical support" as your Topic.



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Re: Cant complete back to the future part 1

My guess is that you do not tap Homer fast enough.

Fast and repeatedly. The ten taps should not take more than THREE SECONDS to complete.

he'll laugh n giggle and tells you to stop: Do not stop! Keep tapping him!


like Wadebear said, send him on his 45sec task and then tap him.

good luck.

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Re: Cant complete back to the future part 1

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Hey guys, I bought Jessica Lovejoy with donuts and I’m having the same issue, that I can’t tap Homer 10 times, every time I do his quest that he is doing or all the outfits that I have for him show up, I tried the 45 second quest and tap him that way but the same thing keeps happening, same with the 6 hour quest 

no matter how many times I tap him nothing happens other than the picture below


if someone could help me that would be great 

sorry if this explanation is a bit confusing 

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Re: Cant complete back to the future part 1

There is a great video you can watch that shows how to get the statue, see the second post in this thread ( in the spoiler ):

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