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Cannot Log In to Level 770 Springfield

by ardeecor

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Cannot Log In to Level 770 Springfield

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Hello-I have been playing The Simpsons Tapped Out since its release date. Over the course of time, I have had issues with log in errors.

The most recent are shown in the attachments.

I successfully changed my EA account password (which works for this forum) - however the game will not log me in.


Just now, the game started at the beginning cinematic with Homer in the nuclear facility. I am seriously alarmed that all of my progress is gone.


Coincidentally, I am having a very persistent bug issue in The Sims Mobile which is currently in Open status.


Although EA insists that no one else has accessed my account, I still wonder if I have been hacked.

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Re: Cannot Log In to Level 770 Springfield

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Hi, lots of players have recently had log in errors. As you normally access your game by logging in and have an account, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? 

The second post in this thread has tips for an error when logging in:

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