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Can't unlock Hospital

by jaysonwade26

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Can't unlock Hospital

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I am now on level 33 with every building except the Hospital. The quest seemed to start with Bart skipping school and people going to Dr. Hibbert for check-ups but then nothing else happened. I do every quest as it comes up and even built another orange house because I read from another poster that had restarted his.


What is the deal, what can I do?

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Re: Can't unlock Hospital

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Lots of people have this problem. I did what helped me was I stored/restored Krusrtburgers then immediately the doc asked for hospital to be opened. Hope it works for you.

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Re: Can't unlock Hospital

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I'm on level 33. I have EVERY BUILDING UNLOCKED except for hospital. I've tried everything. I have an e-mail sent in to community manager when she responds would you like me to send you a private emails thru this site? You don't have to post it. I can do it after tapping on your name. I've got to go now and mow my dad's lawn was supposed to do it yesterday but spent the day trying to unlock hospital. Let me know and if you get it unlocked PLEASE e-mail me. Just tap on my name and then hit send private email.

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Re: Can't unlock Hospital

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I have an e-mail in to EA advisor. Said will take 14 days for tech support to respond. When they do I'll email you thru this site. It's private emails so I don't have your email. That's if you want me too. PLEASE advise.

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