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Accidentally spent donuts!! Help!

by slbrown15

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Re: DONUTS complaint/recommendation?

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There IS a confirmation system....


Here is how to get to it.....


1)click on the tools (on bottom right)

2)click on "i" button on the top right of the box

3)for the option of confirming donut "On"


I have tried it out and it does ask you to confirm it.  As I only tried it for a "speed up" I'm not sure about an item purchase...was too scared to try it until I actually wanted to buys


Hope this helps

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Re: DONUTS complaint/recommendation?

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Thanks Hugemember1

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Re: DONUTS complaint/recommendation?

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Thank you soo much for this tip! I have no idea why this wouldn't automatically be on. Seriously appreciated! 

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Re: DONUTS complaint/recommendation?

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There have been issues that even after you turn it on, that it can get turned off again during an upgrade. I recommend double checking this setting after each upgrade just to be safe.
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Accidentially spent donuts because a windows popped open under my finger

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While collecting the taxes in my springfield I started the hound race in springfield downs. When the race was finished the "You won/lost" window opened directly under my finger. That way I reset the race timer spending 4 donuts that way. Other then most other speed-ups this cannot be canceled!


So please EA give me back my 4 donuts!

I did not even purchase anything ingame and I sure like hell would never spend donuts to speed up the stupid downs cool down.


Kind regards



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Re: Accidentially spent donuts because a windows popped open under my finger

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I accidentally spent 12 donuts speeding something up and accidentally speed up the scratch ticket twice. Unfortunately we patriotic luck. There are PLENTY of us out  there. The only good news is that you can turn on the MUST CONFIRM DONUTS SPENDING button so it will NEVER happen again.


Click on get more donuts, then click on the lower case i  in the right hand corner, then change confirm donut spend to on.

That will do it. As I have said its default  code already has the push notification set to on (that's where Homers voice comes into play telling us when a task is complete) but not the donut spending. I think it should be the other way around.


I hope this helped a little at least. Please click on solved if it did and if it didn't let me know and I will try to assist you more.

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Re: Accidental use of donuts

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It must be nice to be so perfect! An accident in no way relates to intelligence on the other hand commenting the way you did shows a complete lack of an form of intelligence.
I just spent all my donuts by mistake, the problem should be addressed by EA as it's unfair but they obviously prefer more about money that customer satisfaction.
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Re: Accidentally spent donuts!! Help!

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Accidently spent 90 donuts on a girl and on a mystery box just by scrolling through should have a confirmation screen !!
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Donut spend confirmation - Should be the default

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Given all of the v - day crashing issues, I had to un install and reinstall this game. Today I just accidently spent 120 of my 124 donuts on the character Jumbo while scrolling through the menu. I had donut spend confirmation on because I've spent hundreds of donuts on other occasions in the exact same way. Surprise! EA defaults to confirmation off.

This is a frustrating thing to have happen, and it's probably happened to every person who has played this game, which makes me ask, "why is confirmation not the default?" Yes, I know, stupid question. It's a greed for money and lack of basic customer service skills and respect for the people once willing to give you their money.

As of today, my confirmation is safely turned back on (although my 4 remaining donuts aren't enough to actually buy anything), and EA can expect to never see another dime from me. I refuse to give my money to such a cold company that refuses to right its wrongs and prevent these small acts of robbery from recurring.
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Re: Accidentally spent donuts!! Help!

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Happened today to me. I have "donut buy confirmation" on but I was collecting from numorous houses and during rapid clicking I must have mis-clicked and I think I accidentally purchased a speed up of a white house, even with confirmation turned on.


Frankly, I would love a donut purchase lock, or at least a lock on certain things. I don't mind spending donuts on virtual items or characters. At least in that mode you are in design mode and you know to be extra careful. But it's way to easy to click on a house and do an accendental speed up. I would never waste precious donuts on house income tax collection speed-up.


Seriously, I don't want 4 donuts in exchange for a measly $200 "now" when I already have $117,522,373 of virtual cash already!


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