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Re: 5gb is not enough space!

by minicha-em

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5gb is not enough space!

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The same old inquiry i suppose but been playing for utter years on an Iphone 6s with the latest OS etc, and the game keeps requiring uploading virtually every day. Until last week when it now won't re upload again due to "lack of space" . There's 5.1GB space on the phone - so since when does any game require over that amount of space to upload and run? Any help from anyone?


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Re: 5gb is not enough space!

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Hi, this is a problem particularly with Apple devices and has been for several years, depending on the type of device you have. The following thread (in the first 2 posts) documents several posts on the EA forum stating that around 5GB free space is required for their device to run Tapped Out smoothly.

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Re: 5gb is not enough space!

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Well that's me out then - how many normal people have over 5gb of space on a device JUST so they can play a game! Immensely frustrating as i use my phone for other normal stuff like emails to me it's not a glorified gaming device - and i'm certaimly not shelling out on a new device so i can play, just in time for them to up the space required to near enough 8gb in the future no doubt. Poor show EA, many developers aren't as frivolous with game size. Ta for the response though.  

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Re: 5gb is not enough space!


It is a balance for EA to accommodate all demands from players about more, more more content/features and keeping the game reasonable sized

Some of the suggestions are just staggering, those would blow up the size to PC gaming levels

People are not thinking about the platform for which the game is made for

Most players are like you, the games is a small part of what we use our devices for and few, if any, have a device exclusively dedicated to one game and nothing else (which would be necessary if some of the suggestions were to be reality) 

I think some of it have to be blamed on Apple since Android do not require 5GB free space, funny thing is that older Apple devices requires less space than newer ones. Games always seems to be bigger on Apple compared to Android, I could be wrong on that but I play on both and I generally feel like Apple require more space to run games.

One option is to get a "glorified gaming device" (love that term, may I steal it?) used and a few years old and have it for games and other entertainment.

I understand and agree with your frustration but I trust EA not to make any major changes that require the players to upgrade their devices in order to be able to play in a drastic manner, I am aware that older devices have been forced out but all of them have been at least 5 yo (meaning the OS put in have not been in new devices for the last 5 years, so the devices themselves are more likely 7-10 yo)  and by that time the devices are barely functioning anyway.

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