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50D Tennis Courts now cost in-game currency ?!?

by cherrysweatr

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50D Tennis Courts now cost in-game currency ?!?

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Was told to post here by the customer support for the devs to see so I'm doubtful anything will come of this.


With the latest Springfield Heights update, the Tennis Court was reintroduced for purchase with ingame currency (10 movie awards). I originally purchased this for 50 donuts during the Tap Ball even in June 2015.  I understand things get reintroduced from time to time but the donut price stays the same.  I understand that old "freemium" items get reintroduced at a later date for donuts for anyone who missed out.  What I DON'T understand is why an item I paid for with a premium currency is now available for free.


I'll be more judicious with my remaining donuts and reconsider any additional premium currency purchases in the future.

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Re: 50D Tennis Courts now cost in-game currency ?!?

I agree.


it was suppose to be a premium item again, unsure why they changed it.

normally, ingame currency items returns as premium - not the other way around!

i think it is highly unfair for those of us that bought it for donuts the first time around.

some compensation is in order, not just getting the revenue for already purchased item.


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Contact EA support and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.

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