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by jolding722

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hi my key question no 336e631c I had already tried all the things that your advisor told me to do and it didn't work , the gifts I didn't receive on the Christmas challenge were task 1 the last decoration , task 2  stoped on building , couldn't finish character and last decoration  , task 3 didn't pay out mrs claus so couldn't do building  and decoration , I am 64 so you can understand im not very good with tecnoligy my 7yr old grandson understands it better than me , ha ha , not reciving the gifts  but the tasks on the side really agrivate , thankyou for trying , J ,Olding 

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Re: 45929730


Hi @jolding722


what game is this about ?



Happy Gaming


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Re: 45929730

Hey @jolding722

First, you seem to have posted this on the wrong board, possible the Sims and it has now been moved to the Simpsons Tapped Out


Im guessing that no 336e631c is a number you got from support and that 45929730 is your support number

This is not support and those numbers means nothing as we can not check what it is about.

AHQ is a player to player help forum (provided by EA), we do not have access to support cases and we are not employed by EA


Did you do all the tasks required to get the prizes?

This event was sneaky as there were tasks that you had to scroll up the list to find

Are they in the inventory?


As a general tip, be as detailed as possible when listing issues - it is not fun to google what tasks you were missing out on - use quest name and what part it is and what the name of the decorations and buildings you did not receive.

As this is not the current event, it is hard to remember what was required, so details helps


There is unfortunately not much AHQ can do for you, as missing items can only be brought back by support

I'd like to remind you that this is a world wide open forum and it is not advisable to post personal information here

Case numbers, Maham IDs, names, addresses, phone numbers, emails etc is not something you should want the world to know about

If this was within the privacy of a support case, I'd not object but this is, as I mentioned, a world wide open forum and not everyone on the internet is nice

I am not going to edit your post, but I'd like for you to think about what kind of information you're putting out and where. For your safety.


If your grandson plays too, perhaps you could ask him, if he's like most kids, he'd relish the chance of teaching the older generations a thing or two Standard smile


I wish you luck

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Re: 45929730


Hi, there were a lot of players that had problems during the Christmas event, for various reasons. 

First thing to check - have you completed ALL the tasks given? (Scroll up or down to see the full list)

Secondly - if you have completed all the tasks, check if any characters still have the tasks highlighted in yellow at the top of their task lists. If so, redo the tasks. 

Thirdly - store the buildings and/or decorations associated with the tasks for the part you are currently doing, then replace them.

Previous threads about this issue:


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