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Re: why

by EA_Barry

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So I was trying to play starwars battle front and it said that my login credentials had expired and told me to reset my password. So I have done that and it still says its expired, I've done this 3 times to of no avail and I've looked at the forums and tried to fix it but nothing is working so I am asking for some help here, I really want to play online.

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Re: why

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Please make contact with an EA Game Advisor for assistance.

Click the following link to get started:

Please note the current changes to support:

For help with contacting an Advisor, please see this link:


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Apex legends keep saying your login credentails have expired.

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Me and my dad have been reseting and changed my psn to match my psn and ea account name but keep saying login credentails have expired and we have tried all the steps Plz help


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