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why does the sniper rifles not fire?

by DeManplayer

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Re: why does the sniper rifles not fire?

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Well I got on last night and went to just go see if any change in my scout class and my sniper rifles are working now don't know why didn't get a new controller or do anything. Maybe they fix it?

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Re: why does the sniper rifles not fire?

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how do you set the xb1 elite to normal, it works with a regular controller. crazy

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Re: why does the sniper rifles not fire?

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I have done some tests and even tried another pad. In conclusion....i feel a little silly but i have the solution. Everybody that is having problems are using the Elite controller. The problem is the elite controllers "hair trigger" switches. YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT USING THE HAIR TRIGGER FUNCTION ON THE PAD..BEFORE YOU LOAD THE GAME. changing the hair triggers from 'on' to 'off', ingame, does not work. If you set the switches to 'off' before you load the game i.e. the triggers fully depress when pulled,... you wont have any problems and can use all weps.
Yeah...i feel like a douhgnut :/ but had no idea the hair triggers were the problem as i was setting them 'on' and 'off' ingame with no effect. Make sure they are set 'off' before loading game.
The hair trigger switches effect other games too such as gta5 where they wont allow you to wheel spin ya car.
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Re: why does the sniper rifles not fire?

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I have this issue and I'm playing on PC with keyboard/mouse. Everything but the sniper rifle works. 

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Re: why does the sniper rifles not fire?

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What type of mouse do you have? Does right-clicking on the game in Origin and selecting "repair" fix it?


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