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(very old!) C&C games - downloadable?

by nXus83

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(very old!) C&C games - downloadable?

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- First - apoligies cause the topic might not be in the right place. But it's C&c related and I got lost on the site. Couldn't find the emailadress, so had to create a topic - 


I've got several (very!) old games which I wanted to play with my friends. Among the games were some NfS and C&C games.

These old versions (first version of C&C with expansion and Tiberian Sun) aren't downloadable.


Is there a way/sollution so we can have some fun with these old games or at least some kind of C&C?


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Re: (very old!) C&C games - downloadable?

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have you tried gog?

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Re: (very old!) C&C games - downloadable?

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I have C&C Tiberian Sun on disk but can't load into windows 10. Is there a way to fix this problem?

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Re: (very old!) C&C games - downloadable?

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@JackD-Guybrush Thnx for the suggestion! C&C isn't there...but saw a lot of other interesting games. Never heard of GOG before, so thnx!
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Re: (very old!) C&C games - downloadable?

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@repriewe I just googled it Standard smile Summarized: it's just a mismatch: like an old lady is trying to score a very much younger guy.... :P

This is some more extensive information:

Author: Adlai Armundsen
Answered October 6, 2018
Old games had access to parts of the OS that are now protected and they also don’t know how to work with new hardware. These are the ones that were set up to work great for one OS, but not going forward. There is one game I cannot get to work, an EA Tiger Woods golf game. Others like Links 2003 work fine if I right click Troubleshoot Compatibility and choose XP.

Also you can go to and find old games that have been reworked to work on new PCs. Also you might google DOSBOX to find out how to use that. It is a great interface for running old old games. GOG uses an embedded DOSBOX to get the games they sell to work.
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Re: (very old!) C&C games - downloadable?

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The oldest three games are freeware.


Download locations are listed in the topic.


They can all be played online on CnCNet. Note that CnCNet offers separate downloads for the online versions and for the single player games.

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