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Re: untrusted system file aticfx64.dll

by onlyabutterfly

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untrusted system file aticfx64.dll

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So I just decided to download Apex Legends today to see how it was but after I downloaded and pressed play easy anti cheat loaded up then it disappeared and then at the bottom right there was a error message saying untrusted system file aticfx64.dll Please Help!!!!

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Re: untrusted system file aticfx64.dll


Hey there


Can you try to delete the "Certificates" map at this file location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Apex\EasyAntiCheat) <- for me was it there

This should solve the problem.


Let me know if this worked.

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Re: untrusted system file aticfx64.dll

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I tried this but then it says that some files missing or something like that. I don't remember the error code. It did open the game, but it showed the error in the loading screen.
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Re: untrusted system file aticfx64.dll

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Hey @zenonray  try doing a repair in Origin for Apex and then start the game up and see if that works. Should download the missing file. 




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Re: untrusted system file aticfx64.dll

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If above advice doesnt work:
1. Update windows fully
2. Run msdos as administrator and enter sfc /scannow
3. DDU your current driver (remove it) with ddu uinstall
4. Install the latest amd driver
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Re: untrusted system file aticfx64.dll

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Hi, I also have this problem. And when I delete the file it causes that other problem. I have tried repairing it in Origin, but then it just triggers the previous error. Please help me if you have a solution.


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