unfairly banned


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unfairly banned

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So This monday 27th of september around 7pm GMT i started streaming


I streamed csgo faceit having some fun


I switch over to apex legends play 1 game and next game i queue i get hit with a ban


I get an email and everything but my ban history is empty?


I log back in today but i'm still permanently banned


I have everything on stream vod right here


I start playing apex at this time:1.30.40

Ban happens at this time:1.41.45

You can see my exact tabs open at this time:1.47.47


I still things i had open on my pc at that exact moment were:

-Google chrome, twitch tab and youtube tab

-apex legends



-logitech G hub


-Streamlabs OBS

-Faceit anticheat


Now i believe the problem being with the faceit anticheat for it monitoring your computer and unsusual data, but that should be something as a developer that cannot happen

thats just downright a big foul in your anticheat system if that is the case

Faceit anticheat and streamlabs obs were running as an administrator and thats all.


I hope this can get resolved

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Re: unfairly banned

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I know this isn't the place to do this, but i can's submit any reports becouse my ban history doesn't show up, yet i am defenitly banned


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Re: unfairly banned

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Hey @W3STERN1,


The ban history page shows very specific account bans so not all in-game actions will appear there, sorry for any confusion!





You're absolutely still able to create a case to have this looked into by going through these steps or the link on that ban history page. From there our Terms of Service team will be able to review this and reach back out to you once that investigation is complete. 


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Re: unfairly banned

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@W3STERN1 this is not a ban actually is a bug after they update the game since 21 september but until now they still not fix the bug yet and i can pretty sure what the ToS support will reply you, they will say your account was banned correctly because you was cheating or something. And after that they will tell you do not expect any reply from this matter. Yes this is what i get so they make this update false banning people and telling us is our false to getting ban on game you know what i mean. They dont care what they do now is just copy paste and send back email telling they banned you correctly
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Re: unfairly banned

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and i can sure after you try join back code snake came out.

Code snake is a temp ban but now this temp ban will become perm ban cuz of ToS support team

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Re: unfairly banned

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I havenstad had any replies as of yet but i know what you mean and knowing ea i might Just lose my account forever becouse of their sick updates.

I'll keep you updated

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