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traya p3 on ios

by Lavvka

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traya p3 on ios

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I made squad to make auto p3 Sith Raid tier 6, all work great take about 40-50 mins to complete , but on the finish (0,1% or 0,00%) game go frezee and crash , ofc i dont end my try and must start again wiht similar thing.

When i observe how autoplay play i see with time game go slowly and slowly.

I playon iPad Air2 with 64 GB and half is free (12.1.1)

Only app used this time is SWGOH.

i have 250Mb cable connection on router (ofc iPad have  WiFi connection 5Ghz)

When i make try at for example 87 % traya life i can finsih without crashes (with freeze about 1-2 minutes to show nxt stage) - but You now i want 100% Wink

Can some1 help with this crashes ?



sorry for my english i hope You understand what i mean

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