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Re: time setting change

by EA_Lanna

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time setting change

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hello tech support:


 i recently found a job in this difficult situation with covid 19 that is completely different than the one i have in the past and i cannot change time settings to base on my new schedule.


is it possible to give me one chance to update my time settings (i have to wait 3 months to reset).


much appreciate your help.


have a good day.

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Re: time setting change

Community Manager

Hi @typhoonlai


There should be two opportunities within a 12 month period to adjust your payout timeout slot from your account. If you've used both of those, the support team can't help. They can't add a third timeslot change. For this, you'd need to wait for the next timeslot change to become available. For more on timeslot and changing them up, check this out: How to change your reward payout time. 


- EA_Lanna


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