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Re: swtor.exe won't launch

by ItzKooo

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swtor.exe won't launch

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When I try to launch the .exe for SWTOR it won't even open the launch.

I tried to run as admin, and I ran the compatibility tester, I even tried stuff on this link in hopes that it would maybe work even though it wasn't exactly the same problem. Nothing.  

Please help me Frown

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Re: swtor.exe won't launch

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Hello there, @eeedg3ydaddies

So if you try to open swtor via the shortcut icon on your desktop it doesn’t do anything?
When you try to open the game does it appear in task manager?
As for now I would suggest reinstalling the game.

Good luck and have a great day!

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Re: swtor.exe won't launch



first see if the launcher appears under a clean boot per this link


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