swgoh - game crashes during battles

by cohenpjohn933

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swgoh - game crashes during battles

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During any type of battle when characters make specific moves the game will crash. Darth vaders basic attack and CLS 'use the force' are just two examples but the majority of characters can cause a crash. The crashes will also happen if the enemy team makes one of these moves too. I am using a HP chromebook and have gone through all the troubleshooting steps but with no avail. 

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Re: swgoh - game crashes during battles

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Hi @cohenpjohn933


I'm sorry to hear that. The issues likely stem from the fact that the HP Chromebook isn't a supported device. They aren't compatible and as a result will likely encounter issues when trying to run the game. Use of emulators can also cause issues. We can't offer support for unsupported devices or unsupported software (like emulators). 






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