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stuck in offline mode

by Scorpiova

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stuck in offline mode

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I am stuck in offline mode today... I have been using origin up to this point no issue. I NEVER selected to enter offline mode.


My internet connection is solid, with no issues, ALL other programs IE and Steam works no problem.


When I open origin and choose the different spots to enter online mode... nothing happens.


I have uninstalled origin and tried reinstalling it.... now it will not let me log back in saying "it has experienced an error"


I am also getting errors when logging into the website such as:


"We're very sorry, but we're currently experiencing technical difficulties.

Error: SYS_000001"


I don't know if these 2 are connected as I have been able to login to the website no problem after.... but when trying to login to the origin program I get either... "experiencing an error" or "you cannot login in when you are offline"


As a result my games are now completely unaccessable.


I require a solution immediately.


Do not use the "internet connection" as an excuse, as I never had any connectivity issues whatsoever.... I should also add that when running as an administrator, it also says I "must be online in order to login for the frst time"

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Re: stuck in offline mode

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Funny cuz I had given up playing BF3 for over a year, I just came back to it because my buddy had never played it, we had a lot of fun playing last night but then typical EA nonsense comes and ruins it by making sure Origin does not work the next day. In that entire year of not playing, I don't recall one time where Steam forced me into Offline mode.

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Re: stuck in offline mode

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This is happening to me, too. EA needs to learn that if you're going to make your games accessible only through Origin, it needs to work. I want to be able to play my PC games whenever I feel like it, and the only problems I expect to encounter are ones within my power to fix (i.e., a problem with my internet connection or computer). Origin screws up for me every other time I use it.


I doubt anyone will read this but I received a little "rate origin" pop-up yesterday and I gave it the lowest score. Next time, why don't you leave a dialogue box so we can explain what the problem is? Here you go: Origin is unreliable, slow, bug-ridden, and laughably unevolved. It does nothing other than make it more difficult and annoying to play games. You can't even gift games to a friend on there. 


We know you've figured the game out and you are forcing everyone to use Origin by making it the only way for customers to access your games. So, yes, we'll keep using your pathetic broken software because we have no other choice. Thanks. But whoever pushed it to market should be ashamed of themselves. When it was released as "beta" (although a beta trial should be optional, not forced) it behaved as if it were in "alpha" testing. It still barely qualifies as a beta piece of software. 


Next time, stick with Steam or create a worthy piece of software that is fully developed before pushing it to the market. 

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Re: stuck in offline mode

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I agree with pantalaimons completely, it's time Origin users actually got a fuctioning piece of software to play their games on. This is just absurd. 

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Re: stuck in offline mode

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I just looked on their twitter & they're having server issues

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Re: stuck in offline mode

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I am now beginning to understand why so many people despise EA... Origin is a substandard program that is behind the times.

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Re: stuck in offline mode

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I cant play FIFA Ultimate Team cause of Origin, I can use the FUT web app normally but cant play the game... my GF at my side is playing ...


This is just stupid...

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