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by Enzzio17

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Re: My players' energy runs out absurdely low

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@dmayne07 Hey there, this feedback has been sent up for review to the FIFA team. 

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Re: stamina

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I can't even run 30 meters without losing 5 stamina. Please get out of here
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Re: stamina

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EA Sports defender boy, why don't you simply acknowledge that you screwed this patch completely? Why are you trying to defend completely unrealistic fatigue? This is unreal and you know it! How am I supposed to play normal tournament with friend in couch mode? Tell me. We created World Cup tournament, played first round with A team, played second round with reserve team and ooop...

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Re: My players' energy runs out absurdely low

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Seriously though. This isn’t s joke. My wife would like to thank you bc I haven’t played in over a week bc there is no point. I always complained about how stamina works in this game but will never again bc I cant finish a half. This is in career mode. Please fix ASAP bc this is unacceptable. This update should’ve been rolled back the moment you got this feedback. 

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Re: stamina

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Three weeks and we are still having these problems in Squad Battles.


This is disgusting: by the 40th minute mark, my LB, RB, LW & RW are dead!


My CM cannot pass or retrieve the ball.


From the last 12 games I’ve lost 6. This is absolutely disgusting. How can EA do this?


i will not be playing this game until this issue is solved & we should all be compensated.


it is impossible to play this game. 

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Re: stamina

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in other words, EA doesn't want us to use constant pressure, which is often used by some top clubs, because it fatigues the players? Besides, I don't see my players running that much for the "constant pressure" they ought to be applying
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Re: stamina

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Have exacly the same issue in Career Mode, the games almost unplayabale, No energny bar left players pulling up with injuries after 65-70 minutes of a 7 minute half without team press or high pressure tactics, EA PLEASE DO SOMETHING! They have  literally ruined this game, wont be playing again until the next update, Like enough controllers dont get smashed playing fifa as it is

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Re: stamina

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I have seen a mixed reaction to this issue with a sizable amount of people on either side of the argument; however, the majority of people appear to be upset with the latest update and its impact on player fatigue. Personally, I am upset with this update too.


I mainly play career mode and yes, my play style involves constant pressure high up the field and possession from the back to build an attack, but I do this naturally through manual player control rather than through the use of tactics. This style has been successful for me against World Class CPU AI across the most recent editions of FIFA. Even before the update, stamina/player fatigue was an issue for me with the unrealistic game schedule the career mode simulated (2 games in 3 days hardly ever happens in real life). Over the holiday period (the busiest time for teams in the Premier League) teams play a maximum of 1 game every 3 days. While in-game player's stamina would be at acceptable levels and representative of their stats, their recovery between matches was not fast enough to keep up with the unrealistic schedule. To counter this before-update-issue, I would use an "A Team" and a "B Team" and plan ahead using the Calendar so my "A Team" could be rested for big games. This was a solution I was OK with (although not realistic) since it gave the youngsters a chance to develop, but this is besides the point.  


The issue at hand is the most recent update. While I understand both sides of the argument, especially for more competitive play, I can't understand how this makes the game more realistic. The "Big 6" in the Prem: Liverpool, Man. City, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Man. Utd. all thrive on dominating the match through possession. The high possession stats these teams in particular achieve are thanks to high and constant pressure when out of possession. They do this week in, week out and often with very little squad rotation, "Clubs that stick with the same players achieve greater league success on average, a Sky Sports study has found" (


These athletes would have no business being in top flight football if they could not run for 90 minutes. Sure, players get tired and are rested in less important cup competitions, but a full match day squad of 14 players would never be in danger of a pulled hamstring epidemic or lung collapse by implementing a high/constant pressure tactic that so many top flight managers utilize to challenge for titles. With the new update in career mode, players like N'golo Kante, who can run for years and is often described as having a twin on the pitch due to his constant pressing, has half stamina by half-time and is dead by full-time. Then he is unable to recover in time for the next match in career mode. Adding insult to injury, his morale will go down because of lack of playing time (pointless to start a player with anything less than full stamina since this update) and he will request a transfer next window! Even with utilizing heavy rotation (11 changes every game), players in career mode have less than full stamina before every match because their stamina bars were completely drained from the last game they played. This update makes the stamina stat each player has obsolete. It no longer matters if they have 90+ stamina, they will still be completely out of stamina at the end of every match.


To change the game so drastically 2 months after release is abhorrent. Had this been represented in the free demo, I would never have purchased FIFA 19 because I find it to be completely unrealistic and most of all not fun to play. I have stopped playing altogether because of this update and feel like I have been conned for $60. A change this drastic should have been implemented before the game was released or in next year's edition. With so many customers saying the same thing, how can you not see the the negative impacts this will have on your business? Please fix this unrealistic update in the near future or yet another loyal FIFA customer will stop giving you business.


TLDR: Mixed reaction to latest update, but majority of players seem to dislike it. Top teams utilize heavy/constant pressing week in, week out with minimal squad rotation to compete for titles. The rate of stamina fatigue and recovery is unrealistic. Stamina stat for players is now obsolete since 90+ stamina players have the same issue. Unfair and unprofessional to implement such a drastic change in a game 2 months after its release. Fix the issue ASAP!     

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Re: stamina

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So is EA actually going to do anything about this or have they just lost quite a lot of loyal customers and are just accepting their losses, because if it doesn't get fixed I certainly won't be buying another fifa and probably drop EA access tbh. And I dont think I'm alone 

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Re: stamina

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EA is not going to do anything. They dont care about our opinions. I stoped playing UT 3 months ago and came back to career mode. I was actually having fun again on this game and now I cant play a match without having my players dragging across the field. At half time they are already with less than half of stamina! Now I just completly stoped playing FIFA for the past weeks and I dont intend to start playing it again...oh ye and next year FIFA is surely not on my buying list. 

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