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by Enzzio17

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Re: Players stamina issues

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yeh the game is a complete joke since this latest update.


my Prime players have all turned into monkeys kicking a banana round the pitch


there are instances where my player will just run over the ball rather than pick it up along the way.


and the new tackle fix they did just makes the game stupid.


no more buying Fifa for me, ive had it with EA baffoons!

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Re: stamina

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I am facing the same issue. I am playing career mode with Northampton Town and it was going amazing but since the update, players are draining out even before half time. League 2 players are suffering like anything because of this update. Less than 40% remaining at half time when they start the game at 100%. this is a terrible update. The players are loosing the ball lik anything. I have stopped playing the game now. Its useless before the next update. Is there any way to revert this update and go back to the last working version of this?

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Re: stamina

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This is CLEARLY a very clever ploy by EA to push up the prices of all High Stamina players on the Transfer Market.


just go on futbin and filter out the high stamina players and then look at the price trend graphs.....blatantly obvious EA , come on !!


Im happy to say this will be the LAST ever Fifa i will buy and play. 


EXAMPLE1 - EUSEBIO (93 Stamina) - price spike as soon as stamina patch is released...mnnn? (same with many other high stamina players!)


EXAMPLE2 - SOCRATES (92 Stamina) - price spike as soon as stamina patch is released...mnnn?






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FUT Fitness decrease rapidly

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Whenever I’m playing on FUT divisions my players fitness decreases rapidly. At first I thought it was unusual and just a one of but now it is consistent whereby all my players have no energy by the 70th minute and this has nothing to do with adding fitness to them because I’ll make their fitness 99 and buy the end of the game their fitness will be in their medium to high 80’s which never used to happen. I could play at least 3 games before my players went to 80 fitness. I noticed this bug as well because somehow the goalkeepers fitness also decreases faster.

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Re: Players stamina issues

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This is a company which comes out against a pro player for saying the truth. You guys should make game better. Even if I choose, Ultra defensive Balanced in defense, stamina for every player is reduced to 20% at 60th minute. Why don't you defy the rules and allow 11 substitutions? Man, I have purchased every DVD since 2008 but not anymore. Fifa 19 is going to be my last pucrchase because of incompetent developers and Incompetent company to do anything with regrads to season cheaters!!!

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Re: stamina

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There may be a stamina reduction in-game but honestly, with all of the press and button mashing that goes on in FUT online, it should be that way.....It's ridiculous that 9 of 10 games play the same lame arcadish way.......Defending is still laughably robust most of the time and it either feels rigged or there are modded controllers in every home but mine....Strikers run back and forth as if there are two human players controlling one team......None of this could be patch-fixed; it's simply the direction EA has decided to go which is regrettable.....I actually have more of a problem with the game-to-game reduction of stamina than the in-game reduction.....This has clearly changed for the worst as any player with a million coins has squad stamina cards to spare........

FUT is far to prone to manipulation........Buy every guy who runs above 90 with the highest stamina, chase, maul, then score.....And 9 out of 10 games online play this way with a sampling of the same 20 to 30 guys.........I'm trying to reason with the fact that there are silver and bronze players in FUT....For what.??????

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New update

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I don’t understand what ea was thinking with making the players stamina run out faster plus they should’ve added an extra sub for when a game goes into extra time because most of the team is all tired and there is no way I can make the players stamina not go down fast. The defending in this game is the worst too!! Ea please do something before a lot of people stop playing this game. 

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Re: stamina

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Stamina is working well now! It's good because before COnstant pressure was overpowered.


Don't change it EA! Most of the people are satisfied with it. No, you won't lose too much stamina with your team UNLESS You are using team press and/or constant pressure.


You can't play pressure the entire match anymore with the new patch and still have stamina until the end of the match,

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My players' energy runs out absurdely low

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From one day to other, my Career Mode players started losing their energy way faster than before. They can't play 45 minutes, while my rivals have their energy OK. I keep losing matches because of this. I have players with high physical and energy, and as I said, this happened from one day to another. I haven't changed any settings, I even reinstalled the game, but nothing worked. Please help!!! I already wrote to @EAHELP but they didn't answer.

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Re: My players' energy runs out absurdely low

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Surely this has to be looked at for Career Mode? I get it for FUT but to happen on CM is silly.

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