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Re: stamina

by DorRazabi

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Re: Players stamina issues

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I want to state that I’m a below average player, just here to know if other players had same issues.

when i set up to team pressure my players drain and they stop running at the end of game giving up easy goals.

while my opponents set tactics to constant pressure their players lose stamina as well but they never stop running like my players.

they still press me in over time with zero stamina. I don’t understand this. Is this just happening to me? Or my opponents too good that stamina doesn’t matter?

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Re: stamina

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I agree. So many things that aren’t right. Not to mention all the bugs and issues. 

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Re: stamina

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This doesn't explain why EA messed with career mode stamina? Removing all stamina training bar 1, and that's a bronze level training. Which is impossible to level a scouted player.
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Re: stamina

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why when im use team press during the match i feel the gameplay become slow and heavy? happens when i set team press on

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