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Re: squadrons update failure

by UrBob1

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Re: squadrons update failure

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Just a quick reply from my phone to let you know I also use Sophos Home Premium.


I am not using Acromis so it's probably Sophos.


I'll see if I can set an exception in Sophos for the specific files mentioned in you install log en test is that works with the next update.



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Re: squadrons update failure

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@Salvolin I raised a ticket with Sophos, will report back.
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Re: squadrons update failure

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@Salvolin Got a reply form Sophos, quoting in part.

"To confirm, does this seem to occur with any other Origin games? Or does this seem to only occur with Star Wars: Squadrons?

If there were a certain Sophos Home component that were to cause this, I believe it would be the Exploit Mitigation feature. With that being said, if this does occur again, would you be able to try signing into your Sophos Home online dashboard and disabling this feature to see if that changes anything? If this does happen to be the cause, I can then collect additional information and get this case elevated to our next level of support for further investigation into this for you."

I haven't had any problems with other games on Origin.

I will try the above suggestion if I have issues with the next patch. Would be handy if you can check the same thing if you have further issues. Disabling Sophos while doing the update is quite easy, although undesirable.
Guess we have about a week to wait for another update.
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Re: squadrons update failure

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I think we have two option

1. try with the exploit Mitigation feature disabled

This is just to check for Sophos though because I kind of purchased Sophos for this feature


2. Exclude the install files from your logging from Sophos.

This would be my preffered workaround if it works


If you try option 1 first and 2 second I'll try option 2 first and 1 second


Waiting for the next update I guess...

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Re: squadrons update failure

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@Salvolin Only problem is that I have not been able to confirm exactly which folders are being used during install. The obvious ones are there or course. I set my origin game install root to c:\origin after I found that something was using the old style folder naming, and then excluded in Sophos. Here is my current list of exclusions:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\STAR WARS Squadrons\
The first two are the same location. Don't know why anything should need to use the DOS file path in Windows 10, but that's what the second line is.
If you take a look at the "STAR WARS Squadrons\__Installer" folder you will find InstallLog.txt which in my case shows DOS file naming begin used.
The above exclusions did not have any effect on the problem for me.
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Re: squadrons update failure

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The latest update, with the Mandalorian goodies, arrived.

I disabled Exploit Mitigation which got me past the first update failure, somewhere around the 50% mark.

I disabled Sophos general protection and also Ransomware Protection to get the update to complete.

Don't know if just Exploit Mitigation and Ransomware Protection needed to be disabled.


As always, remember to turn protection back on after getting the update to work.

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Re: squadrons update failure

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@UrBob1 I'll check things this weekend. No time to game until than :-(
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Re: squadrons update failure

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Just so you are aware..


if you use the performance monitor built into windows and goto the Disk tab you can see files that are open and by what process..



Sounds like this issue was related to your antivirus..    if you can, i would add an exclusion for the game directory as it sounds like your antivirus might not be releasing the files for some reason



Anyways if you look and see in the performance monitor you'll also be able to see which file it is stuck on and is probably getting stuck on frequently.. disabling the scan for that folder will probably give your PC a general performance boost just on that alone

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Re: squadrons update failure

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@ArzemnaThanks for that comment about performance monitor. I haven't seen anything useful so far, but I will remember to check when the next update comes out, if I haven't got a solution from Sophos in the mean time.
I did exclude the folders first thing. Check out page one of this thread Wink
The annoying thing is that nothing is saying exactly what file has a problem, and although it's narrowed down to something to do with the internet security, that isn't reporting any issues either.
Another point is that when the update fails it says to try repairing, but there is no way to repair the game.
Latest observation is that there seem to be issues with the game update itself, and during the same update process possibly with updates to Easy Anti-Cheat.
It's a minefield out there.

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Re: squadrons update failure

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The performance monitor will show you exactly what files are open.. once your internet security opens that file to read it , it is locking it and thats the issue you are experiencing..


the same may be happening with the update files.. when origin brings them down it may be saving them to a temp file location and your anti virus is picking them up immediately as they are being written..


if you watch that performance/resource monitor you can sort it by process as well.. so that makes it really isn't to see what files your antivirus are hitting and you should get a really good idea what its doing for any file.


You could even see the same files that Origin are trying to read/access/write and track down what is going on.


i haven't monitored the origin update process so i'm can't elaborate but its worth a short if you want to see if you can track it down any further.

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