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Re: apex unplayable frame drops

by 6Dei6mos6

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season 6 fps drop

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Hi everyone i need help after apex legends season 6 launch i go big fps drop can you help me i upload my DxDiag file plz help 

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Re: season 6 fps drop

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apex unplayable frame drops

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Im trying to play apex but the game constantly keeps stuttering and dropping frames. Changing the setting does nothing. the game will run at normal fps then repetetly drop to ~10 fps


Im playing on a laptop with 


CPU: Ryzen 7 3750h

GPU: GeForce 166o ti max Q

ram: 16gb


all my drivers are up to date and I've made sure the game is using the dedicated gpu.  Please help

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Re: apex unplayable frame drops

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@Formermars It may be network problems. I have same proc and since Seasson 6 started, almost its Unpleayable at certain times, may be this your case as well.

Look at the top right corner if there is some red icon while playing.
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Re: apex unplayable frame drops

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I have a decent network connection and decent laptop specs for the game. I am getting around 20 fps with stutters and frame drops and sometimes it just constant 2-3 fps 

My specs are :- 

ryzen 5 3550h

gtx 1650

16 gb ram


The drivers are FREAKIN up to date including BIOS :-/


The Game in pre aftermarket update was getting me around 85+ frames but now it's just not playable at all.

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Re: apex unplayable frame drops

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The same problem, from a 120fps drop to 20 FPS, is done by servers. The game is unplayable. Several complaints about the game, no answer. connection symbols

  Prediction error 


A prediction error icon is the one with two parallel lines with dots on them.


This indicates that the server has failed to predict the movement of another player, generally one you’re looking at. The game tries to calculate and predict such behaviors to a certain extent to show them to other players faster, but a prediction error shows that these predictions are wrong.

This is also a server-side problem that you generally can’t do anything about.

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