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Re: reinstall /repair issues & c++ redist problem

by N0I773H

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reinstall /repair issues & c++ redist problem

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greetings !


downloaded and installed the patch for apex legends provided by origin


while the game was starting up it reported an issue with easyanticheat not running/working


repair / reinstalling easy-anticheat did NOT work  ( createservice failed with 5 )


deleting or repairing apex legends install resulted in c++ dist error telling me it could not be installed  ( c++ 2012 dist)


trying uninstalling / repair install of c++ redistributable packages within windows comand panel told me "access denied"  and therefore left unable  to reinstall or fix the c++ dist manually


download of apex is currently stuck at 40% prompting issues with c++ redist install  ( replaxing c++ file with the one downloaded from ms website has no effect - after origin restarts and verifies gamefiles it still shows the same error message refering to c++ dist. )




tips helps advice fix ?


thanks in advance

much appreciated

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Re: reinstall /repair issues & c++ redist problem

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@p00se  Hi, if you manually run the different vcredist packages at Apex\__Installer\vc do any/all of them fail?

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Re: reinstall /repair issues & c++ redist problem

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For me 2012 and 2015 failed when done manually
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