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"Poor Network"

by leruss1

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Re: "Poor Network"

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The new update seems to have fixed this issue for me. Thank you. :-)

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Re: "Poor Network"

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need help as well. i am getting Poor Network  at the start of the match and then get disconnected from the match. here my   here is my Persona ID  and other info. reply if you need anything else.

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Re: "Poor Network"

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Im usually playing in 2 locations quite far apart, the locations do have different ISPs for providing internet service, and also different models/ brands of hardware for providing Wifi.


I have also been experiencing connection problems kicking me out of the game and making me loose the match, this is especially annoying when playing the different Events making me loose potential prizes.


For me this happens more often when i have a low Wifi connection ( 1-2 bars ) but also sometimes ( not often ) with a good Wifi connection, or if both Wifi and Cellular Data is active. It NEVER happens if i play using only the phones Cellular Data. This leads me to believe the issue has to do with the Wifi connection to the internet rather than a server overload.


I have had this exact same problem with another mobile game The Walking Dead by NextGames ( different company, different game ), where i would get thrown out durring low Wifi connections ( in both locations ) and was forces to use Cellular Data to play without loosing connection regularly. They probably have a similar thread addressing the same issue as this one.


Can anyone confirm that this connection issue happens on Cellular Data only, with Wifi off?

Im willing to do some testing if needed.

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Re: "Poor Network"

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@CakeSpear I’m pretty sure I had the same thinking regarding the WiFi worse than cellular. Although it happens on both. Touch wood, it hasn’t been too bad lately. I’m like you, play in two different locations. #FIFOLYFE. 😂
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