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I have a i9 10850k water cooled with 32gb ram rtx3090 with SSD


When i play the game my CPU runs very hot,  cpu is over 80% and it just gets hotter and hotter and hotter until the pc thermal shuts down.


This does not happen on ANY other game except for need for speed unbound.


This always happens within the first 5 to 10 minutes of play,  even if i got the game in the back ground and i alt tabbed out to windows it keeps getting hotter and switches off.


Can get time spy score of 17000+ without the cpu getting warm,  other games in 4k cpu does not go over 60deg but with unbound its getting over 90 and then shuts down the computer until it cools down so I cannot turn it back on for a few minutes after shutdown.


please help.  i have latest nvidia drivers windows 10 up to date.



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Re: overheat

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There are usually mechanisms active that prevent shutdown by throttling hardware usage/clockspeeds.


Try turning those back on if you have disabled these at some point.



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Re: overheat

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this is not a solution,  the game is running my cpu at over 90% and it is destroying my hardware.


all of those settings in my bios are set to standard.  nothing is changed.


are you mining crypto on my pc while the game is running or something ?


what is going on here?  

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