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need help, low fps in Apex Legends

by xkarqkarqx

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Re: need help, low fps in Apex Legends

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I think you really dont know what you're talking about. Vsync gives you much better frame times. My guide is working very well for many people, testet it on different setups. To limit the game to four threads will relieve your cpu to handle backround stuff better - he has anyway just a 4 core cpu Standard smile


I dont know why you so mad, let people talk about it who understand something about it - he already replied that it brought him something.

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Re: need help, low fps in Apex Legends

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@Sick1Click You are confusing stuff my boy. I love VSync - that's true it gives consistent frame times. But I would never ever use it in FPS shooter. I was talking about INPUT LAG, and not frametimes. Input lag skyrockets when using VSync. Btw, shouldn't you know that double buffered VSync provides better (more consistent) frame times? 😉 Please refer to tests made my Battle(non)sense on YouTube. That's a person who "knows what he is talking about" as you like to categorize people.

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Re: need help, low fps in Apex Legends

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@MirageMatt  You sure I'm a boy? I guess you live in youtube. Many youtube videos are correct and and can help you, but find out things on your own bring you much more to learn instead of just retell things. Double/tripple buffer - it depends on the game and situation.

He use just one RAM stick, what about it? That's the main reason for his performance loss by the way - settings are second important here.

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Re: need help, low fps in Apex Legends

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@Sick1Click Have you even opened the video? No? I thought so. You would see how real, not-biased data look like. I just hate spreading false information and ideas. Furthermore, I do agree double-channel RAM helps FPS a bit, but for sure it's not the "main" reason as you said.
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Re: need help, low fps in Apex Legends

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@MirageMattok you turst more youtuber than some people writing here, ok i got it. But to say that I am spreading false information is something I personally take. Misinformation is definitly that your saing it just help a bit. It shows that you have absolutely no idea. Maybe you need to watch more youtube videos Standard smile

But I've had enough, there's no reason to sacrifice my time for your toxic behavior.

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Re: need help, low fps in Apex Legends

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@Sick1ClickNo you got it wrong, again. I trust people that are spreading true information. And who want to help people and not hinder their gameplay. And yes, I do trust more an IT with over 20 years in his job who made a YouTube channel to spread awareness about many quirks of PC gaming than random dudes on EA Forums.


Either way, there are no professional Apex players who use VSync and that should say something.

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Betreff: need help, low fps in Apex Legends

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Hey, I found something realy interesting!

Well, this topic didn't make me sleep well because I know that the manual I wrote befor works very well. I testet it on serveral setups/Pc's. Without VSYNC there was no way for me to play Apex Legends without lags.

But one thing is absolutly right. All the pros don't use VSYNC, not the regular setting, not ingame. That made me very thoughtful, so I started looking. What I found, is much better than my old manual. Technically, it doesn't work completely without synchronization, even if it looks like it at first glance. Incidentally, I haven't tried this on a 60 Hz screen, but it works perfectly on monitors with more Hz. Please give me feedback on how it works with 60hz monitors. However, I am confident it will work great.


With the new seasson 6 and the current Windows updates, I can see a significant increase in performance. GSYNC is now finally working as it should, for me there is no longer any need for scanline sync. I just use RTSS for cap my framerate. If you dont' have GYSYNC/FREESYNC go for scanline sync, like in this guide here.



  1. You need studio drivers for your graficcard. Reinstall (in safe mode) with DDU-Tool if you use actually a basic driver
  2. If you have a AMD card, dont use enthance snyc and AMD antilag, leave all that stuff disabled
  3. NVIDIA: disable any sync option (like fast sync), set: low latency mode: ON (not ultra), threaded optimization: ON
  4. Disable vsync ingame
  5. Preverred update rate: max avaiable
  6. Disable windows game mode, enable hardware accelerated gpu planning (you'll need the latest windows updates for these options)
  7. Disable fullscreen optimization for Apex (right click the r5apex.exe at C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Apex)
  8. Make sure you installed your monitor driver
  9. You need to run your game at fullscreen mode
  10. You need to unlock your fps in apex legends by adding this argument to the start options: +fps_max unlimited +exec autoexec
  11. Make a autoexec.cfg at C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Apex\cfg and put in: cl_forcepreload 1 mat_compressedtextures 1 cl_ragdoll_collide 0
  12. You may need to lower you grafic settings to get more/stable fps (dont worry, apex lookes well on low settings. All pros use low settings: ) With a 2070s I personally use low settings, 4GB texture streaming budget. if you really want more fps, set this to none. At wqhd 144fps stable.
  13. You need RTSS (riva tuner statistic server), download it at

After installing RTSS, you have to put a few things there:


  • Application detection level medium
  • On-Screen Display support on
  • Show own statistic on (You can turn this off when you're done if you don't want to see the in-game fps overlay)
  • At Setup enable "2 bars" with the Frame Color Indicator (disable this at the end again)

|1| You need to go into your game, preferably to shooting range (Don't worry, it doesn't run smoothly yet)

|2| Recognize tearing by looking up and down. The Frame Color Indicator will help you at this point as well. Disable it when you're done.

|3| By changing the value at RTSS "Scanline sync" to a nagativ number - it's very important to change that only to a negativ value - you can eliminate tearing. In my case I need -165, you may just need -50. A friend needs 300 (From now on it's smooth!)



And thats it! It gives you a smooth gameplay without tearing, without VSYNC ingame and with low frame times! I recommend activating the autostart option in RTSS. So it will work everytime. The better the Hz of your monitor, the better it will work. With a 240Hz Monitor cap (just cap with RTSS! Use the Framerate limit above Scanline Sync) FPS at ~170-190 like some pros are doing as well. Please notice, RTSS will work in every game. That means, you need to disable VSYNC in every game you play, to have a effect of it.

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Betreff: need help, low fps in Apex Legends

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@Sick1ClickWell now you are getting somewhere my friend, I have heard of scanline sync. The negative value you put there must be callibrated on per game/user basis - there are guides on guru3d forums. Also the game must render more frames than the monitor refresh rate for it to work properly (about 120 FPS for 60 Hz monitor). I personally have never used it, but I have heard good opinions. It provides tear-less gameplay without introducing input lag. The thing with RTSS frame cap is that it introduces 0-1 frames of input lag, so it's a bit worse than in-game frame limiters. However, what I found to make my game work much better are two things: reducing mouse polling rate to 500 Hz (or 250 Hz for slower processors) and excluding the whole Apex Legends folder from Windows Defender (I do not know how this works with other antivirus softwares). This made my CPU usage considerably lower and made the game fell and play much smoother.

All-in-all I doubt there is a perfect solution without using an Adaptive Sync display, like GSync.

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Betreff: need help, low fps in Apex Legends

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@MirageMatt Yeah, right! I wrote here how to calibrate as well Standard smile

RTSS is even better than ingame cap and sync. With RTSS I got 6.9ms Frametimes on a 144 Hz display, with ingame sync it's 7.2ms, with cap it's around 7ms. If you can handle constant 190 hz/fps you're on 5ms! I guess, I need a 240 Hz screen :D


What's even better, is that the frametime are much more stable than without RTSS. Without cap you'll have sometimes (not constantly) lower frametimes, because you can have more fps, but than its not stutter-free/tearing-free. I visited two friends today, both are exited about this solution Standard smile To set the polling rate to 500 Hz helped many people with older cpus, with newst there is no change (I could feel a differenc on my old i5-4690k)


I am sure you'll feel the difference with and without RTSS. RTSS feels like realtime input in every situation, if your pc has engough power for sure, lets give a try.

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Betreff: need help, low fps in Apex Legends

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Someone delete my post, 3rd time right now.

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