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need for speed heat black screen

by breadedchick1n

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need for speed heat black screen

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great, now that i've got your attention, hello, whenever i launch need for speed heat my game launches into a black screen and it does not seem to be advancing from it, i've spoken to 2 ea agents both of them were great but they didn't really help me, so. can you? also why is it using 90% of my cpu pfft, i reinstalled many times, clean boot, firewall, antivirus and all that, 
annnnd the alt+Enter that you were going to suggest but that dint do nothing either

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Re: need for speed heat black screen

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Hey, @breadedchick1n make sure that all drivers for windows are up to date, also worth to reinstall the GPU drivers for your PC.


Can you add a Dxdiag so we can see what hardware and drivers you have? 


Let me know if this woarks or not for you. Standard smile





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