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multiple issues to report

by Archeanthus_

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multiple issues to report

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I have several persistent issues. I'm not sure if it's best to put them all in one post or to separate them, so I'm putting them all here for now. I'm happy to make separate posts if that would help. For reference I play on PC, bought the game through Epic store.  


1st: I bought the Elegant Pants for my Republic pilot and equipped them, and they show in post-game screens when my character is visible, but once I end a match and return to the main menu, the game puts me back in my default orange flight suit. I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to talk about this, it's not my intention to break any rules, I'm only trying to provide any helpful info I can, but if it helps, I also had this issue during the closed playtest, where I played on PS4.  Weirdly, if I use my green flightsuit, which I unlocked first, it doesn't do this. The outfit stays equipped.  


2nd: if I am partied up with friends (with me as party leader) and we play a match, an AI fleet battle for example (co-op mode of course), after the game if I allow the timer to run out, it will matchmake me into a new AI fleet battle, but in solo mode, so it's me and 9 AI players, and my friend (still in my party, still talking to me over VOIP) is in the main menu with no sign of matchmaking or being in a game. I have to instead deliberately return to main menu after every match and re-select the match type.  


3rd: if I am partied up with friends, when entering a game from the main menu, VOIP cuts out during that initial loading screen. However, during the next loading screen to actually put us into the battle, we can still hear each other over VOIP. We can likewise still hear each other in the post-game screens.  


4th: this issue doesn't happen every time, but it's common enough to be frustrating. Sometimes after a game if I press the Start button on my controller to view the scoreboard, nothing happens. At first I thought it was only after a loss, but I've experienced it after a victory too.  


5th: I think this one's already been reported, and this one also doesn't happen every time, but sometimes when I first load into the loadout selection screen before a match starts, none of my loadouts are visible or selectable except for the first one. If I select one of those and then return to the selection screen from the briefing room then I'm able to view all of them normally.

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Re: multiple issues to report

Community Manager

Hey @Archeanthus_  to help track everything can you do a bug report for each item. Bug report here:



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