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Re: mouse not working with HOTAS (PC)

by YankeeOneSeven

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mouse not working with HOTAS (PC)

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I have an old Saitek X45 that I am trying to use with Squadrons - it is recognized and works fine. However, with the X45 connected, I cannot navigate menus with the mouse, which I prefer. The mouse is totally nonfunctional. Navigating menus does not work on the X45, either. I have to use a combination of keyboard and joystick buttons. It is awful.


For fun, I tried using and XBox One controller instead of the X45, and when I do that, the mouse works fine, as does navigating menus with the controller.


What can I do to get the mouse to work for navigating menus when I have the X45 connected?





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Re: mouse not working with HOTAS (PC)

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I cross-posted to the Steam forums and it, like this post, has gone unanswered. I therefore opened a ticket with EA, who chalked it down to the several HOTAS issues they currently have in queue to be resolved. They hope to have it fixed once they push the HOTAS fixes.


I did find a workaround. If I press and hold ANY button on my mouse, the mouse cursor appears and I can navigate around. Thus, I click with RIGHT click to get the cursor to appear and move around, and can use LEFT click to select things. At least I can navigate the menus now.


Hopefully they fix this soon.

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Re: mouse not working with HOTAS (PC)

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Have the same issue. After loading the game, i have to right click the mouse to get it working.

With that done i can use my kb too.


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