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Re: mileswin crash

by PhazurR

Original Post

mileswin crash

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Seems like i might have posted on the wrong subforum.


Could someone please help me with the above?



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Re: mileswin crash

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Hey, may I know what motherboard you have?

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Re: mileswin crash

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@PhazurR Hi, i have a
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Re: mileswin crash

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Okay I haven't seen the error before so I'll try to help you by giving a good amount of potential fixes that might work for you. 


I assume all your hardware and Windows are up-to-date;

Could you try disabling Origin Overlay and Nvidia Overlay? 


Have you tried locking your FPS to for example 75, just to see if that changes anything? Put command ''+fps_max 75'' into Apex Legends' launch options


Have you tried disabling all other sound devices besides the one you're using? (1. You can open Run (Windows button+R), enter the control 'mmsys.cpl,,0' command into Run, and click/tap on OK to open Playback devices) (2. In the Playback tab, right click on your sound output device (ex: speakers), click on Disable, and click on OK.) Now do the same on the ''input'' tab.


If you don't know how to do any of these, let me know

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Re: mileswin crash

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@PhazurR Everything is up-to-date.
Always play with origin and nvidia's overlay disabled.
All of the other sound devices are disabled, the only ones active are the ones in use.
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Re: mileswin crash

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And did you try locking your fps as well?

Did you install/uninstall or change anything major lately, right before the issue came back?


I read the other post that you linked and I found it very interesting that you said that reinstalling Windows did the trick for you. But I can't wrap my head around why the problems came back after a month.. It makes no sense


Because of that I think it's smart to focus more on potential fixes that are windows-related. Could you maybe try this: 


Why I think it might work is because to some extent it's going to do the same as reinstalling Windows, but way less hassle

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