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madden 19 no sounds

by 13Hendrik37

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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I had the same problem, but when i un-installed the Nahimic 2 Audio drivers (for MSI system boards) my audio was back.

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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I have Xbox one and I have no sound. What do I do to get sound?

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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This seems to be a major problem with PC users and we're even getting those on consoles who are complaining of no audio. If the game is indeed a port from the console versions it's likely the issue originates with the console side albeit likely on a minor scale. During the port somehow the audio issue got exacerbated for PC users. It's likely if whatever the original audio issue is fixed on the consoles-even if the devs feel the issue is too minor to bother with-they will be able to fix the problem with the port. The only times I lose sound is during squads, drafts, head to head, solo battle, etc. Franchise and solo campaigns work fine. Still being able to have sound in head to head matches would be nice so that people don't assume I'm just ignoring them. I'll admit having someone pause the game without explanation is a bit annoying. It'd be nice to know if they're answering the door or if they've got to deal with something for an extended period of time. As it stands with no audio I have no idea how long to expect my opponent to be gone for. Alternately I can't let someone know why I need to pause the game either. 

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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My fix was reinstalling in a different file location. Only took 12 hours to troubleshoot and cost me doing WL. All because EA can't figure out DirectX 12 like every indy developer has. This really might be the last EA game I buy for a long, long time.

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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Thank you @socalblunts...After about 3 weeks of suffering from this issue and trying every fix possible it was your "solution" (even if it ends up only being temporary) that works. I haven't played the game in weeks, and there's been little to no help / no patch from EA fixing the issue. Thanks for being the one capable of resolving this

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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That's awesome. Glad I could help. I made the terrible mistake of changing my settings to DirectX 12 and had an epic crash during a game that killed my sound. After repairing, and clearing the cache, and reinstalling to the same destination I thought that maybe there was an issue with one of the files left around and reused in the original destination. 

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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Have the same problem, was working fine, then all of a sudden no sound at all. Tried everything and nothing has worked so far
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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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Glad I found this thread, thanks to EA Help on Twitter after a few days. I posted my issue in the Bug Reports here:

As well as here in the Technical Issues:


Checked drivers, switched multiple settings and even got the "App Volume and Device Preferences" to play music from YouTube on my speakers while Madden 19 played through my headphones via Yeti Microphone output. Still no chance of it playing through my main speakers. 




One thing I noticed in this thread is the commonality of RealTek drivers (very common for most computers anyway) and especially the fact that the problem originates within the online matches. EA has asked me to post my system details on this thread so here it is:

ASUS i7 Windows 10 64Bit DirectX12

16GB RAM 2GB Radeon R9 370

RealTek Audio Drivers

Yeti Microphone

ASUS gaming monitor

Every other game/program/application works just fine with audio on each output.

All Windows updates installed.

Newest Audio and Graphics drivers installed.

Origin cache deleted, re-installed

Madden 19 uninstalled and re-installed







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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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Its fixed!

After trying out new Demos, FIFA and Forza.. went back into Madden and thought I would try switching outputs one more time and BOOM. SOUNDS!

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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Hey I have no sound please help 

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