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madden 19 no sounds

by 13Hendrik37

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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It happened to me also
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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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No sound for me too. I have sound in all EA games except madden 19. No sound after ALT+Tab.

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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Same problem It has been working fine until today and now i can get sound to come out of speakers but not my headset and everything else works fine discord other games just not madden now

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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There is a potential fix for sound issues in today's update, please let us know if your issue is resolved, thanks.

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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My sound still does not work in Ultimate Team outside of solo challenges. As soon as I join any other game from any category game sounds end. No music, no commentary, no crowd, nothing. Sound works fine in solo challenges, franchise, main menu, MUT menu. However, solo battles/head to head/draft/etc in Ultimate Team does not have any game audio whatsoever. I've tried repairing my game, reinstalling audio drivers, changing default devices, etc. It's fairly frustrating but the only reason I find it that way is I time my jump off the line according to the QB's snap count since I prefer to control DEs on defense. With no sound I miss quite a few sacks from late jumps.

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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I just Lost my audio after the patch... Don't know how to fix it.

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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So when I switch the audio from one monitor to the other it works but it will not play the audio through my main monitor, where my speakers are plugged into. Idk what to do.

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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Unfortunately the patch didnt work. I can still get sound when I switch what it plays through (Like to my hdmi or headphones) But it still wont work through Default or my Optical (Soundbar). Everything else continues to work just fine through my Optical, so I know its not hardware related.

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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Unfortunately the recent update didn't fix this issue on my end either.  Madden still refuses to produce any sound through the default audio device. I'm still a bit baffled that it worked for 40+ hours and then decided to just stop working but I've tried every fix in the book...At this point I'm thinking the only option is to cross my fingers and hope that EA can find a resolution sooner rather than later.

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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I have 14 friends that I play this game with here in town on PC... we all kind of made a pact to buy the game and have our personal little league.  9 out of the 14 of us have lost sound (including me). Of the ones that have lost sound, we use, both, AMD and nVidia graphics with updated drivers. We all use Realtek, 99% of users are going to be using Realtek sound drivers. We have all tried many different things to get this working again - it's very frustrating. 



Edit: My friend Dave just called and said he had no sound - so that's 10 of the 14. What is the deal and why is this like a delayed bug? I mean, I've been playing the game for many hours and then, suddenly, lost sound.

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