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Re: madden 19 no sounds

by theanticulture

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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Problem Solved (for me)


I had the same problem as others in this thread.  I completely lost sound in Madden 19 on Windows 10.  It was a recent loss, roughly a few days ago.  All other system sounds were perfectly fine.  I had no other games that experienced this problem.  I play Madden 19 through Origin as a Premiere Subscriber.  Today I completely resolved my issue, thanks to some ideas I got from reading through this very long issue on this forum.  I was able to "piece together" if you will, the fix (for me).  Perhaps this will resolve things for others.  My method of resolving the issue was as follows...


1) I went to Realtek's website and downloaded the latest 64-bit Audio Codec for my system (Realtek sb1220 chipset via ASUS motherboard).  The version I grabbed was R282.  (For anyone reading this, pay no attention to your chipset model #, this package contains many drivers and will install the latest for your sb1220 chipset, which is now a bit older than other drivers in this package.


2) Go into Settings>Apps and completely uninstall both Sonic Studio 3 as well as Sonic Radar 3, including removing their preferences (ensure the box is ticked).


3) Reboot the computer after completing both uninstalls.  It is not necessary to do it after each one.  Do both, then reboot.  This accomplishes one major thing - upon rebooting, Windows 10 will automatically install generic MS hd audio drivers, completely resetting your system's audio.  You can verify this in Device Manager if youo'd like (under Sound and Game Controllers you will see Microsoft HD Audio listed).


4) If you don't already use it, download CCleaner from  Install it, open it up and select the "Registry Cleaner" tool.  Run that.  CCleaner will then remove all registry entries for the previously uninstalled applications.  You will see a lot of entries being removed.  I had almost 300 from left behind files, and registry settings you just deleted when uninstalling the sound applications.


5) After you've completed CCleaner's registry cleanup, reboot the computer again for good measure.  (Note it isn't required, but it's good practice).


6) When your computer reboots and you are at the desktop, go ahead and install the driver package you had just downloaded (R282).


7) Log in to Madden 19 and enjoy your sound.  It's back.


A couple of things I also want to point out.  This isn't EA's fault guys.  Don't flame them for this one.  It isn't fair.  I suspect in my professional as well as personal opinion, a Windows Update broke the ASUS sound software, which, frankly, is not u pdated very frequently at all.  That is the only thing I can partially identify that most of us shared in common.  The problem isn't necessarily Microsoft's either.  Again, flaming them isn't fair either.


Anyway, sorry this is so long - but it did produce successful results.  Happy Gaming folks and remember, the Houston Texans will be adopting a "punt on 1st down" offensive scheme next season....sigh.  Sounds about right to me, now that um, I can HEAR IT again Wink  Happy Gaming!

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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Nope doesn't work, I have zero sound on this trash game.

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Re: madden 19 no sounds

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I want to point out that my hardware does not match yours at all, so "a windows update" did not break ASUS sound. I have multiple PCs, and both this and Madden 20 do the same BS.Has nothing to do with windows. It's a madden thing. Only happens with Madden 19 and 20. So flaming them is completely fair.

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