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loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

by Skauron

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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Which truly and utterly sucks big time for this game.

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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So it does propagate around all players then. Nightmare, not something i would want to keep adding into all my future games only to get the same issues happening over and over.


I had the sound bug just now while soloing with my Infiltrator. (not played him since the first week of playing multiplayer so wanted to give him a run)  Was doing just fine until the sound went, i just like to hear whats going on as much as see the action.


Enemy Type:  Remnant

Wave 6


On the game where it just happened the sound disappeared at exact the same time as when the hack starts when you enter the circle for a hack. Literally at the same split second.



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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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Its now June 10th and this problem is still present for myself and two other friends that picked this up just to play multiplayer.

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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I dont get it that often, just the occasional game.  Had it this morning on a game that was jittery in places.  The jittery bits happened, and have happened since 1.08, when I am fighting the same mob as another character in close proximity.  So, simply speculating, if one person has a a bad connection to the host, then their actions might cause a delay in mine thus causing the jitter.  Its more obvious post 1.08 because the devs added some code to improve network resilience. I definitely think the sound issue is caused by a lagging character, possibly someone using some kind of group chat thats not Origin. 

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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You know what though, what truly stinks beyond belief here, is that even if that was true, and even if someone elses sound hasn't sync'd to you.. at least give you SOME sound.. Your own sound.  Yes there are latency/network related issues, but honestly ????   To completely kill all sound is crazy!!


Also, can i remind you that i've also had this happen when solo'ing  i set the slots to private for 2/3/4 and just clicked in a game to see how far i could get.  On that test the sound disappeared during wave 3 when i entered a hack circle.  So the only connection present was my own.. so technically no delays.


I know where you were going with the suggestion, but sadly my tests and retests since the first week in april have been extremely extensive, and the issue occurs randomly sometimes even as soon as 5 minutes into playing after first switching on my machine.


I can find nothing indicative of an event that is a pre-cursor to it but if i was given the chance i would run a test module for EA and collect live data for them when the even occurs so that they could identify where the cause of this is.  I would do that in a heartbeat.  


As the patch version increment now, the time since discovery of this particular issue has increased to 2 months since i first witnessed it.. and in gaming terms that is still a long time for such a critically bad issue for players of multiplayer ME:A.

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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Exactly the same issue, but it happens in SP as well as MP, and it's a relatively rare and random occurence, so I wouldn't expect a fix for this. These types of bugs are usually next to impossible to fix and in general if a bug can't be reproduced with 100% accuracy, getting it fixed is a matter of luck.


It could have something to do with having an audio device channel mismatch - that is a game is trying to send sound to a channel that doesn't exist. If this happens often for you, and you have surround set in audio options, while not actually using a 7.1 headset or set of speakers, then turning it to stereo may help, but that's just a guess.


Worth noting that this is an Frostbite engine issue, NOT an Andromeda one. The same bug happens in all BF games since BF4, Mirror's Edge 2 as well as that disgusting insult to the SW Battlefront franchise that EA pooped out. The only Frostbite game I have never seen suffer this problem is DA: Inquisition, which, actually didn't have as good sound as the rest of frostbite games.

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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Sadly i've already tried the switching to stereo only suggestion and still get the issue :/

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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After 1.08 its even worse than it was before. Basically every other MP game sound is gone and I have seriously enough of this game.


Unlike ME3 which only lost sound in the game itself (you could play mp3 in the background for example no problem), MEA locking sound completely for entire system (I can't hear song or system beeps if MEA is activated that kind of thing).


Today I'm so livid you have no idea. Now 4 games, 3 without sound on the bounce. Out of total today ~80% lost sound at some stage, a lot instantly after joining. When sound is gone when you playing solo private game - now that is utterly * and totally inexcusable in any way.

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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I recorded a new video (see Original post first in this thread) which shows 6 examples of this annoying issue/bug/glitch.  I had a number of recordings which i'd kept after losing sound, those were just 6 of them. 

as you can clearly see, its all maps, all enemy types.. and even happens when I changed the 3 player slots to Private and tried to solo through a game.


First reported after patch 1.05 in early april

Patch 1.06, hotfix 1.07 and patch 1.08 have been.. and gone.. and this problem still remains.  Patience is waning now though.

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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I was chatting to my PS4 mate and his crew.  There are half a dozen of them, all have good, solid, internet connections.  Prior to the last patch they had the usual PS4 error message and sound issues on occasion.  Not normally when playing together but on random, or public games mainly.  Since the patch they have all been using the ping meter and havent had any problems at all.  Its a PC issue, and its probably down to drivers or sound config, or some kind of software conflict. 

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