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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

by newsush

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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and considering i've clean booted my machine a number of times, the machine is relatively new (november approx last year) is fully up-to-date and in very very capable hands of a desktop/application support engineer.   I have been down the driver route, and have tested with previous drivers for both gpu and sound card as well as all the things mentioned in the first post on this thread.  There is many things i've not summarised too.  Nothing stops this issue and i dare say many would have given up trying by now and either shelved the game or just stop posting about it.   


I am determined not to stop highlighting this issue and keeping it in focus until we start to see some developer support for the issue because i really think at this juncture neither you, or I or anyone else visiting this forum as a customer of EA stand a chance of curing this issue.


As someone else posted, if they would build in a sound-reset feature even as a temporary workaround, this would be something.  After all, as soon as you close ME:A you hear a pop on the speakers again (same as when the sound disappears) so its my guess its a hung process within the engine that is stopped.  AS others have also pointed out, even when ME:A has stopped sound, you CAN still launch other audio apps and they still play sound, so the sound card isn't refusing to receive data to output as sound.


I've got a number of shelves full of older games that  I no longer play, and then there is the newer games nearby.. and ME:A is the only game this fault occurs on, in fact, it is the only game i've actually had any audio related issue with.  So i'm not focused on my machine, when the fly in the ointment here seems to be ME:A

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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No, its like an internal service in the engine that stops.  The Frostbite devs might be able to do something like a timeout and reset. 

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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Hopefully we'll see something before the next Reaper purge cycle Wink

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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Bump, I and my friends have been having this lost sound issue repeatedly over the past couple of months on multiplayer.  It's become a part of our nightly multiplayer gaming routine.. Oh, so and so dropped sound, ok 5min afk break while they reboot.


Seriously, this has been going on for months and so many people have reported it.  May we pretty please have a fix?? This issue is months old now.

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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Patience is wearing thin today.  4 times today sound has cut out, just in one fairly short play session.  Its not always this frequent, sometimes its less-so, but it never goes away!!! not until something is patched in to help fix it!!! 



  • If you went to the movies to watch the latest blockbuster movie .. and the sound cut out half way through or after the first 20 minutes.  Would you be happy?
  • If you purchased a music cd containing 10 music tracks but the last 5 tracks were totally silent.  Would you be happy?
  • If you purchased an MP3 that only played 40% of the time and the rest of the time produced nothing but silence.  Would you be happy?
  • If you went to a music concert for your favourite band, you didn't get tickets close to stage and their audio equipment failed after the first 10 mins.  Would you be happy?


So considering the answers you most likely made for the above questions?


You've purchased Mass Effect:Andromeda out of loyalty to the Mass Effect Franchise mostly and whilst the game is indeed awesome.. you finish the single player and are now playing multiplayer and enjoying it.. but with extreme regularity you are losing sound.. completely.. like you've gone mutton jeff (deaf).. so...


  • as a loyal fan you report it on as a bug report.  It gets closed with no feedback.    Would you be happy?
  • the only communication about the problem was on a bioware multiplayer livefeed in may and in no official way/response on a forum.   Would you be happy?
  • You find out that this issue is not new, it has plagued other Frostbite engine titles and HAS been reported many times.  Would you be happy?
  • You post a topic like this one on this forum and not one single reply even from a community rep is made.  Would you be happy?


Well you get the idea.


So then picture if you will a final scenario.   You buy a 4K TV and various bits of entertainment devices from a huge store with a good reputation, and the sound goes.. or it develops some other fault which severely affects your enjoyment of the product.  So you take it back to the store.. the sales people notice you've brought something back so therefore you likely have some kind of complaint.. and they all walk off in random directions and not one of them engages you or looks after your issue at all.  You don't even get acknowledgment that you are in their store.   Now would you be happy as a customer?


Well this is exactly how it feels to not get a reply or acknowledgement officially about a major fault/bug.   Thats how it has been since the first week in april, and it wasn't until late may that it would 'seem' that it was escalated to the frostbite team.. yet now we are at 19th of June and no update.    We hope and pray that an upcoming patch (monthly) will contain at least something to alleviate the problem, but nothing.. time and time again.. nothing.   So a hotfix then?  We have had ONE hotfix since release that i can perceive and that was the 1.07 hotfix which was around the 18th of May.


So you can understand also then why when there is so many bugs and issues that people log and take the time in which to research about that they might get a bit 'put out' when the best bullet point seemingly on a patch is that the male ryder can now romance Jaal?  While i'm sure there is some people out there who wanted that? i doubt very much that it was more important than fixing some of the worst problems currently being reported. (this sound issue being just ONE of them)

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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So.... any update at all?



Four times today, and if I don't exit all the way through main menu (waiting for that loading screen too) it rebuilds all the shaders when launching the game again.


There are no events in Windows Eventlog, I cannot find any other logs from the game.


Is there anything we can do to help troubleshooting?

I cannot find any pattern to exactly when this happen.


Please give us a sign that you are at least working on the problem!

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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I think the worst thing of all about this problem is that it has also been left to ride a lot longer than just the time since early april for Mass Effect Andromeda.


I did some digging around the various EA answers forums looking for other games that use the frostbite generation 3 engine to see if any of them were getting reports of the loss of all audio just like this game.  There was a clear set of cases and reports of it happening, so i've summarised them below:


Battlefield 4: (uses frostbite 3 (3rd generation))

1st November 2013
2nd November 2013
16th November 2013:
25th December 2013

Dragon Age Inquisition: (uses frostbite 3 (3rd generation))
27th November 2014
9th Decenber 2014

Star Wars Battlefront: (uses frostbite 3 (3rd generation))
19th November 2015
21st November 2015
5th December 2015

Fifa 2017 (uses frostbite 3 (3rd generation))
29th September 2016
11th October 2016

Battlefield 1: (uses frostbite 3 (3rd generation))
21st June 2017



So as you can see, this issue or at least the symptoms of it, are NOT new.. they've been known about for a long time, but never from what i can see has a resolution every been done.


Well Battlefront II (due out soon!) and Anthem (Due out 2018) both use the same engine, So i'm not sure I'll be splashing my cash for those unless they get to the bottom of this sound issue once and for all.

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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it happens to me a lot for the lack of sounds I keep thinking these guy going fix soon but no they add more * clothes to the single player before fixing this issue ea one worst for support for games because they sell so many they don't give * about people having these issue only from lack of sales do company like these do fix issues 

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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I am cool with it being escalated to the Frostbite team to get resolved.. if that is what has now happened.   I would like to see someone from EA/Bioware update us on the progress of this escalation though.   Not communicating updates or even acknowledging isn't helping.. and yeah, i agree there is far more needy things needs working on than adding cosmetic changes to the game.  Get the  worst faults fixed first.. and work down the list hammering out as many issues as you can.  Then if you have time, do improvements/cosmetic changes after that.


Just need some priority put on priority issues  .. not too much to ask.

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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Yeah, I run into this problem as well, but I used to also have this same issue in ME3MP as well. It was never repaired in ME3MP, so it'd be nice to see it resolved for MEAMP.


I wish I could point to something in particular that causes this but it's occurrence is random. Different maps, factions, difficulty happens in any and all of these cases.

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