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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

by Skauron

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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There was once a time where issues like this were given importance by game developers, but it doesn't seem important enough to warrant even comment from EA/Bioware it seems.  I would be encouraged by a response at least to say 'hey we are actually looking at this problem and this will be resolved next patch' but to get no response at all, is at the other end of the scale.


This is not a problem that happens to one or two people where a workaround can or has been suggested, its widely experienced not just in this game, but seemingly in other games that use the frostbite engine.   Worse yet that magical fixes that worked in previous titles using it don't work in this because they didn't include the variable needed for the fix to transfer to this title.


Sooooooooo we are completely at the discretion of the game developers/publishers and unless we see a fix for it.. and soon.. then for a very long time it would seem that the publishers/developers must think its ok that the people who play the games they developed to have to shutdown the game and restart it.. just to get sound back that their code keeps cutting out completely.


It is one thing getting the crash to desktop issues (wave 7 with 30 seconds left before evac .. ohhhh thanks so much for that!!), but it is another losing sound in wave 1 and not being able to rely on audio to define if there is enemies approaching/around, or if you are taking damage when your eyes are focusing on other things.



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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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Still happening in 1.06.

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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6 game restarts i had to do last night just while playing the new Turian Agent.   So yep, still happening in 1.06.. likely will still happen in 1.07.. 1.08.. 1.09   But i hope to be proved wrong on this.. like i hoped it would be fixed in 1.06.   Just goes to show that HOPE alone is not enough.   There is simply not enough community focus in a customer service sense.


Loss of all sound during multiplayer is sensory immersion breaking.  I have a whole new appreciation for people who are really deaf since playing this game in multiplayer. 

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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[PC] Yeah 3 times today still in 1.06 multiplayer loss of all sound and basic have to restart de game, sensory deprivation hurts performance :I Amazingly though no crashes. Once stuck on loading screen after the match and once lights dimmed on the multiplayer menu, maybe they were saving electricity at the APEX staging point idontknow..

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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My god those Devs are amateurs. Still occuring in that last version with no workaround at all.

We had no sound problem on pc since the good old soundblasters went Integrated​ to motherboard... This is insane.

How those guys are still walking without bugging I do not know.
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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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All i could hear in my last game tonight was my own profanity mixed with words such as sound, patch and useless.


PLEASE EA/BIOWARE, WE NEED THIS ADDRESSING!!!  YES I AM SHOUTING.. but i dare say if i drove my car into your head office foyer shouting fix the goddamn sound on ME:Andromeda, we would still not see it next patch as a fix.  ammarite?

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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Odds of us receiving a fix for this within the next four months: whimsical. This annoying bug isn't something only 1% of players experience through their gameplay, more like 85%... and they just don't bother investigating it.

And honestly, is anyone here surprised anyhow? EAware is no longer the team we used to love and respect.


A minor solution: turn off some of unnecessary sound effects. For reason yet unknown to me, this slightly reduces the chance to 'proc' this glitch in Multiplayer.

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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1% of players would be 1 in a hundred.  With MEA its probably closer to 1 in 100,000. out of 2000 possible games since release I've had it happen half a dozen times. Thats 0.3% . Its due to people with problems in SP or connectivity problems in general, connecting to MP.  So the other night I play half a dozen games, a couple of people drop out, tired/bored/made 1m credits, a couple more people join what has been a smooth set of games.  Result, halfway into wave 1 the sound bombs out.

If the Devs implemented a fitness test, it would increase the game overheads and more people wouldnt be able to play.  The EA_ guys, among others, are trying to help people and work out where the issues lie, but a lot of the time just getting abuse. 

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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STIIIIIILLLLL happenening since latest update..... only happens to me in multiplayer though.

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Re: loss of sound on mass effect andromeda

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>EA_ guys

>trying to help people

No. Just... No.


Alas, my own sound just crashed a few minutes ago. Single player, while standing still in the middle of the Nexus.


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