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loading screens = disconnects (PC)

by Soulforger90

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loading screens = disconnects (PC)

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Really need to fix the disconnect issue. It makes the game unplayable. Yes, this has been going on since the beta, but it seems to have gotten worse since last week, and the patch didn't fix it. I've reinstalled the game, and done everything else in the posts on this forum to fix the issue. And just like everyone else on here, I'm STILL getting disconnected.


I can play this game for HOURS and NOT get disconnected as long as I don't have to go through a loading screen. It's ONLY the loading screens that disconnect me in this game. I have to cross my fingers every time I either select mission ready, successfully end a mission, or select what area I want to go to that I HOPE it loads. It doesn't matter what loading screen it is, it's just going from one area of the game to the other that breaks something. I don't know if it's an Origin thing or just the EA servers.


I can sit in Fort Tarsis and move around, press F to check stats, etc. for hours and NOT get disconnected.


Free play - once I successfully load into Free Play I can play for hours and not get disconnected (unless the game freezes entirely - which has been twice so far over my 70+ hours of play)


Missions / Strongholds / Quick play - again once I ACTUALLY load in to those events, I don't have any issues....UNTIL I have to load into the End of Expedition screen to see my loot / XP. THEN the game disconnects 9/10 times.


So it really does seem like whatever is happening during the loading screens is causing the majority of the disconnect issues. Like everyone else, all I wanna do is play the game.




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