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lag, kills not count

by Third3yeBlind

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lag, kills not count

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First match today finished with 1300 damage and game count only one kill even if i made at least 4, another guy in team finished game with 180 damage and 5 kills. Second match i kill 2 guys in beginning of match with monzambique and game again won't count kills, few minutes after that game recognize previous kill and kill banner showed on my screen. 3rd match was almost impossible to play because inredible lag. 4th match i tried to switch on weapon slot 2 on alternator which took me 3-4 sec and ofc i died because of that. Also i experience delay when picking up items especially when looting death boxes or lifeline supply drop. Few days ago i pressed key E 3 times to pick up purple helmet from lifeline supply drop. My internet connection is very good and stable 110 mbit/s download, 60 mbit/s upload. No bufferbloat or something similar. In other games on EU servers from central EU i got ping 9-19ms. Also router is high end and no issues with keyboard. I am very suspicious on which servers i play this game because very often i see teammates with chinese/asian nicknmaes. Last few days i can't get kills anymore like before. Feels like i have hit double more bullets than before...I really losing my patience with this game because i redownload this game much more time than any other on my pc, just to try fix issues!

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Re: lag, kills not count

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That happens for me a lot I'm laggy almost always I end up stealing a lot of kills. I have 8 kills 350 damage as an example. It don't mind it but I know its not accurate.

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