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Re: intel driver - where do I find xx.xx.15.4251 or later?

by OutOfTheWoodss

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Re: Intel Driver - where do I find xx.xx.15.4251 or later?

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What is hard?  DXDiag?


Maybe the tutorial makes it out harder than it really is.


Just click Start

Type "DXDiag"

"Save All Info"


Now open that file you saved, copy the info and paste it into this website:


Copy the URL and paste it here so we can see.

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Re: intel driver - where do I find xx.xx.15.4251 or later?

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Click here to download, then open it and install it. I had the same problem.

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Re: intel driver - where do I find xx.xx.15.4251 or later?

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Anyone wasting time answering only the subject title without actually reading the thread itself for content will end up wasting time on something meaningless in the long run.  The error message only appears because the launcher cannot see a real video card, a discrete video graphics circuit board, actively handling the 3D rendering. 


That doesn't mean a new driver from Intel will suddenly turn a piece of awful trash into a lovely silk purse of a GPU.  It means you have to either buy the correct hardware, or else maintain control over the HALF of a GPU, from nVIDIA, which prefers not to run when the game in question is from EA. 


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Re: Intel error message is still a misleading datum

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The most recent of redundant comments added has been answered again. 



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Re: Intel error message is still a misleading datum

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Locking thread.


Please make a new thread if you are having trouble.


Please include a DXDiag report and description of the problem your having and what you have tried.

Upload the txt file here or use and make a URL.





If all you have is Intel HD Graphics without any nVidia or AMD GPU.  Update your drivers from intel.  It's an uphill battle the Intel isn't likely to win.


nVidia drivers


AMD drivers


If you have an nVidia card / AMD in a laptop, you need to force the dGPU to work.


nVidia Control Panel -> 3D Settings -> Program Settings -> Add Program (PvZ:GW2.exe) -> High Performance Processor



Called "Switchable Graphics" in Catalyst.  Make sure PvZ is set to high performance.

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