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iPhone 11 Pro Max Performance

by Palanthrax

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Re: iPhone 11 Pro Max Performance

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I can also confirm this has been a HUGE problem since upgrading to the 11 Pro. As mentioned before, it definitely has something to do with the A13 chip as I never had issues on my iphone 7, and obviously everyone can confirm any < A13 chips works fine. I've since swapped my 11 Pro with the iphone SE (2020) that, of course, has the A13 chip, and experience the same problems. I'll easily drain 10% battery within 2-4 minutes in certain aspects of the game... that's completely unacceptable. I can play any other highly CPU/GPU intense game out there and drain 20% of that. It's very much a memory leak issue, which is why reinstalling/restarting the phone gives temporary relief.


There is clearly some CPU optimization issues going on here and it really blows my mind that CG/EA are totally ignoring this very widely spread issue. It appears to be the case with 4x battle more than anything... but with the game designed the way it is (and because it's so painfully slow), playing anything less than 4x is completely pointless and ends up in timeouts half the time. I've tried to open up multiple discussions with them but they're never "available". 


CG/EA -- You do realize that the great majority of your player base is very close to being checked out of this game due to the terrible nature of how you've run this game, especially since the release of the GL garbage and the way-too-soon Jedi Knight Luke release. I'm trying to hang on because, like everyone else, Star Wars is my absolute favorite. The least you could do is fix this horrible issue that's going to end up blowing out all of the iOS users' batteries. If you really can't figure out your issues due to incompetence level, at least give us the ability to toggle off all the shiny crap that's making it worse. I'd accept playing with stick figure animations if it meant me not destroying my large $$ phone investment. 

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Re: iPhone 11 Pro Max Performance

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Same issue on iPhone SE 2. SWGOH performance on the new phones compared to 5 year old iPhone 7 is night and day, and not in a good way.

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Re: iPhone 11 Pro Max Performance

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So this long-standing issue is now 100% resolved for me. Since the game upgraded to using the newer Unity engine, the frame rate is silky smooth.


It looks like the older Unity version was the problem all along.

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