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hit reg not solved

by lnxtvv

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hit reg not solved

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hit reg not solved, after last patch 1.13 (may update) i see my shots pass trought enemy i see hole on texture, cheater problem i think is not solved

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Re: hit reg not solved

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Mfs using modded controllers. * annoying. I'm bouta cave and just order one. Tired of looting for 30 mins just to get nailed with every single bullet while I'm literally flinging myself across the map(Pathfinder) that's why I'm convinced his hit box isnt broken mfs be landing all their shots on me. And yeah bullet registration is definitely worse than before. G7 scout is literally the most effective gun on the game but cant hit * with it cause bullets dont register 75% of your mag. This game is getting so close to getting uninstalled. This dev group is reminding of the * at H1Z1
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