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heavy frame drops when facing certain areas

by tziiware

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heavy frame drops when facing certain areas

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so i was triangulating a bit around the epicenter on public match, and every time i looked south towards the big icycle from mountainside in north, my frames would go from around 140 to 80, then i proceeded to walk west side of the epicenter and looked south and nothing happened so epicenter was not the issue most likely, BUT when i walked towards capital frames went back to 80. Is there any way to try and compensate this issue as high end users like streamers are also dropping frames that throws their gameplay off. 


I would understand if this was random, but rather then being random it is indicating there is either bugged object on that direction, or areas are way overloaded and it pisses me off to try and maintain advanced movement when frames are being all over the place

Is there any home tinkering tips in fellow forums users to try and battle this.

This issue was noticed when this map got released and now it underwent some big changes but STILL nothing was done to compensate this particular issue.

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